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Town Makarska grew around a natural harbor protected by the picturesque peninsula of St Peter and Cape Osejava and is the largest and the only one available port between the mouth of the Cetina and Neretva. It's safe haven and refuge for bad weather sailors, pirates and merchants, and now tourist yachts, sailing boats and excursion boats. Makarska is located in the foothills of Biokovo (1762 m), which protects it from the harsh continental climate and a rich Mediterranean vegetation, mild winters, long hot summers with a refreshing breeze. The sun is more than 2750 hours per year and the air temperature of 20° C from June to September, a clear view from June to October has a temperature above 20 ° C. Sandy beach, long almost 2 km and it was, and still recognizable. The walkways are lined with pine trees and tourist facilities, hotels, apartments, villas with swimming pool, restaurants with gastronomic specialties, and plenty of entertainment for children and adults.
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"Makarska Holiday Home" is a travel agency that specializes for luxury private accommodation in Makarska Riviera. Makarska Riviera is famous tourist town in Croatia, known for its beautiful long sandy beaches and clear waters. Our offer is as varied by type of accommodations and priced per class. We offer apartments in private accommodation near the sea, luxury villa with swimming pool and hotels, we have villas and apartments on the beach and in the villages above Makarska. All our villas and apartments are well equipped with all amenities for a pleasant family holiday, accommodation owners are very friendly and communicative, always available for all your needs. If you choose to spend your holidays in Makarska, we hope you will choose one of our accommodation and we look forward to seeing you.

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Malacological museum Makarska

MALACOLOGICAL MUSEUM (in the Franciscan monastery) Makarska has a rich cultural and historical heritage, but of special value is the Malacological Museum with an interesting and unique collection from the Adriatic and the world's seas. It is considered one of the most beautiful and luxurious malacological museums in the world.

Botanical Garden Kotišina

BOTANICAL GARDEN "KOTIŠINA" Botanical Garden is located on the coastal slopes of the mountain slope above the village Kotišina, at an altitude of 350-500 is an integral part of my nature park mountain. On the surface Biokovo botanical garden Kotišina found about 300 wild plant species typical of the Mediterranean to the mountains, and in some areas were planted exotics, agricultural and medicinal herbs. Near the entrance to the garden, next to the cliff, there is a large castle walls - fortifications from the 17th century, which impresses with its looks.

SANCTUARY "VEPRIC" Croatian holy shrine was founded in 1908 Bishop dr. Juraj Caric (1867-1921), who is buried in the church. The natural cave and the whole landscape with hills and the creek running in reminiscent of Lourdes, where the Bl.Dj.Marija year 1858 appeared 18 times to Bernadette Soubirous. This center was built a chapel with sacristy, altar on the square, confessionals, Stations of the Cross, a home for spiritual exercises, and paths for processions. It was built in the new house for the needs of the sanctuary and retreat. Because of its natural beauty and tranquility this shrine is visited throughout the year, and the main pilgrimage days: 11. and, 25.III, August 15, 7 and 8 September.

NATURE PARK "BIOKOVO" marked by distinctive beauty of its landscape, the great diversity of wildlife and a wealth of geomorphological forms and phenomena (caves, cracks, sinkholes, oysters, pit ...). Depending on weather conditions and altitude position of the area is covered with vegetation of the Mediterranean up to the mountain. With the old forests of beech, fir and pine, the park has recorded nearly 1,500 species of plants, including a number of endemic and relict species (Biokovo bell, narrow-leafed knapweed, etc.). The vertebrate fauna of numerous reptiles and birds, and about thirty species of mammals that live here we should mention dormice, bats, wild boar, chamois, mouflon and wolf. For more information, see "Park prirode biokovo"

Excursions Biokovo Makarska Croatia

Makarska Riviera and Tourism in Croatia


is one of the most important branches of the Croatian economy. History of tourism in Croatia goes back to the mid 19th century in the period around 1850. year. Successfully developed to this day, and now Croatia is one of the most visited and the most important tourist destinations of the Mediterranean. The slogan that represents Croatia in the international tourism market following the Mediterranean as it once was. Lonely Planet's Croatia proclaimed the best tourist destination for the 2005th years, while National Geographic Adventure Magazine Croatia prolasio best destination for the 2006th year. Reuters has announced that Travel Leaders, a leading travel company for sale in the United States, Croatia declared its international top destination for Europe for 2012. year. Croatia is rich in natural beauty, the islands of which 1 244, national parks, nature parks, monuments protected by UNESCO as Diocletian's Palace in Split, Trogir and Dubrovnik cities, Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč and the Cathedral of St. James in Šibenik, and the biggest advantage over competition in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea, which is reported as the European Environment Agency, conducted the 2010th and the second cleanest sea in Europe. And mild Mediterranean climate in Croatia, with warm summers and moderately cold winters, favors Croatian tourism and its additional development. Croatian tourist offer is very diverse and consists of nautical, excursions, diving, congress, cultural, ecological, rural, religious, adventure, health, hunting and fishing tourism. The tourist offer includes several cruises on motorized sailing ships and a very well developed and more developed naturism Robinson who in addition to offering land and stay on the lonely lighthouse like Dubrovnik reef or Palagruza. Each Croatian tourist region separately developing its offer that characterizes its environment. The most important Croatian tourist regions are Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia, Dubrovnik and the islands along the southern Adriatic, Konavli Župa Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik area, Peljesac peninsula, Croatia Zagreb and Continental.


is the largest Croatian tourist region in which there are three large tourist center. The northern section is a three thousand year old town of Zadar in Dalmatia is located city of Split and Dubrovnik in the south, whose growing old part of the town is on the UNESCO world heritage list. Besides these glasvnih tourist centers are located in Dalmatia smaller tourist centers such as Sibenik, Trogir, Makarska and many coastal settlements in the Sibenik, Zadar and Makarska Riviera. In Dalmatia, also located and four Croatian National parks Paklenica, Krka, Kornati and Mljet, numerous speleological diving locations or attractions. Dalmatia is known in the world of tourism and its many islands. In northern Dalmatia, of Kornati and Dugi island with a lake situated at the top of the 146 meter high cliff in central Krapanj Hvar as the most famous and the sunniest Croatian island of Brac with its famous beach Zlatni rat, Solta and Vis. In southern Dalmatia south settled Korcula, Lastovo, Mljet and Elaphite Islands. Peninsula, situated in southern Dalmatia, an important part of the Croatian tourist pound. On the peninsula are larger resorts such as Ston, Orebic or Trpanj many small settlements. Peninsula abounds in vineyards, and as a kind of attraction on the peninsula there is a road with many wine cellars and wines of the highest quality.


has always been the center of the surrounding region known as Makarska Riviera, both in an administrative, political and economic sense, as well as a center of culture, education, and since the mid twentieth century, tourism. Today, it is a city of more than 15 thousand inhabitants that encompasses picturesque villages at the foot of the Biokovo Mountain, including Veliko Brdo, Puharići, Kotišina and Makar (which is where the name of Makarska comes from). Makarska is one of the most famous tourist destinations on the Croatian coast, attractive for its nature and good climate, rich in tourist attractions and full of hospitable hosts. To this day, Makarska is known for its sandy beach, which is almost 2 kilometers long. The walkways are lined with pine trees and surrounded by luxury hotels, tourist facilities, and gastronomical havens, and there is plenty of fun for both adults and children. Makarska is located below the mountain of Biokovo (1762 m), which protects it from the harsh continental climate and is responsible for its rich Mediterranean vegetation, mild winters, long, warm summers cooled by a refreshing breeze called maestral. Makarska has more than 2750 hours of sun each year and the air temperature above 20°C from July to September. During these same months, the crystal-clear sea also averages a temperature of above 20°C. The city of Makarska grew around a natural harbor protected by a picturesque peninsula of Sveti Petar (St. Peter) and the cape Osejava. It is the only harbor of this kind between the mouth of the Cetina and Neretva rivers. In the past it provided protection and safe harbor during stormy weather to sailors, pirates and merchants, and nowadays it does the same for yachts, sailing boats and tourist ships. This contributed to its development into a trading port, especially during the Ottoman and Venetian occupation. Today, there is a ferry line which runs a few times a day from Makarska to Sumartin on the island Brač. During the summer months the harbor fills up with yachts and tourist ships, while young people crowd the main Kačić square enjoying entertainment and cultural performances. As the night goes on, Makarska becomes livelier and livelier, and its cafes, restaurants and discotheques fill up. The best way to become familiar with the history of this city is by visit¬ing the Franciscan monastery which recently celebrated its 500th anniversary. The monastery boasts a picture gallery, library, one-of-a-kind Malaco-logical museum (dedicated to the study and preservation of mollusks) and the Institute of Mountains and Sea. The church of St. Marko is located on the Kacic square. On its north side are: the Gojak gallery, located in the old school building, public library, the school of music, and the headquarters of the Makarska Riviera radio. The city museum can be found on the waterfront, as well as the church of St. Filip. The renovated church of St. Petar is located in the St. Petar park, a spot with a beautiful view of the city, magnificent Mount Biokovo and the open sea. Makarska's geographical position is 44° 17' 38" latitude and 17° 1' 20" longitude, which places it approximately in the center of north-western half of the Makarska coast.

Makarska Nightlife and Party

CLUB "PETAR PAN" is an all night open air venue for 1500 people (working only in the summer time), situated near football stadium on the end of a long Riva in Makarska, one of the Croatia˛s biggest touristic resorts and nightlife centers on the Adriatic Coast. Petar Pan Club are celebrating 7th anniversary in season 2015. Program policy: domestic pop, dance & folk singers, house, RnB & electro international DJ guests. Its very easy to reach Makarska by car, bus, boat or even by air (Airport Split). VIP Tables Reservation on prior arrangement.

BEACH BAR "BUBA" To experience the craziest party in the Adriatic Sea have to visit the Bug Bar in Makarska. Located along the coast on the pebble beach, newly renovated bar happenning every night. During the morning is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee, and swimming in the sea. As more heated by the sun heats and atmoshpere at Buba Bar. During the afternoon, the wild dance parties and happy hour after a beach party event. In the evening, welcoming the popular DJs, bands and various concerts. Incredible atmosphere is something you have to experience for yourself!

Makarska Beach party - CROATIA

DEEP MAKARSKA surely the finest team in the Adriatic - Deep, located in a cave in the II. World War II, close to the sea and this summer has prepared a program that guarantees a crazy fun you all that Makarska is the path of the holiday. Attractive and unique just for its location, Deep will open its doors for 09th June and are proud to announce a big name club music that will for the seventh year in a row to shake the dance floor of the club and re-incorporated into the ga s Top 10 most visited night destination. Deep in the tourist guides and the magazine has a reputation as the finest club in the Adriatic due to the fact that it is located in a cave on the peninsula Osejava Makarska, and near the sea. As such natural sites in the world quite a bit, it is not surprising that many tourists and Croats chose Makarska and the club for their crazy summer fun. The club consists of two parts, but these caves with natural soundproofing meant for partying until the early hours of the morning and the beautiful open terrace facing the sea coast and the islands of Hvar and Brac. The terrace is ideal for all those summer crowds do not like and want to sip cocktails with the sound of the sea and the lights of the city.

Summer masquerade Makarska CROATIA