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The Makarska Riviera is the area of Central Dalmatia extending from the Vrulja bay in the northwest to the town of Gradac in the southeast, about 50 kilometers of coastline called Makarska Riviera. The Makarska Riviera includes the following places: Brela, Bast, Baška Voda, Promajna, Bratuš, Krvavica, Veliko Brdo, Makar, Kotišina, Tučepi, Podgora, Drašnice, Igrane, Zivogosce, Drvenik, Zaostrog, Podaca, Brist and Gradac. This whole area is bordered by the mountain of Biokovo and the Adriatic Sea that occasionally touch and thus end up with a very attractive appearance. The sea coast has created a multitude of small and big bays with beautiful pebble beaches, so everyone who once visits this area quickly realizes why the Makarska Riviera is named after the Pearl of the Adriatic.


Many Makarska beaches are rightly considered the real pearl of the Adriatic. Known throughout the world as the center of events during the summer months, little can be left indifferent. In the northwestern part there are a number of small beaches that are formed in rocky coves and which, apart from the unusual beauty, provide a somewhat intimate space for relaxation and relaxation. The central part is a spacious and several kilometers long pebble beach, partly covered with centuries-old pine trees. Since the early morning, in the heart of the season, there is a pulsating pulsation rarely seen in the Adriatic. Thousands of tourists, Makarani, sellers, caterers - all in the inevitable summer encounter. Those who came to look for a little crap and society will surely enjoy the benefits of sea and holiday on the pebbly beach of the most famous beach of the Adriatic. The rocky coastline stretching from the disco bar "Beach" to the "St. Peter" lighthouse and further on the peninsula of the same name, is the right shelter from the snare for the acquaintances and the lovers of the clear sea. Plates have dug this corner for a long time, and have been designed by swimmers, and a slightly sharper stone shroud is hiding in their nests by the naturist swimsuit. The facilities at Makarska beach will satisfy even the most delicious tastes. Water park for children, bungee jumping, pedal boats, jet skis, paragliders, boat and boat rental, there is nothing to it. Vesting cabins as well as toilets are almost at every turn. The need to limit water consumption in the heart of the season has affected the fact that the showers are paid, but there are more than enough. If you do not want to carry your beach equipment at your disposal you are renting sun loungers and sunshades at affordable prices in very attractive locations. Several inlets are adapted for people with disabilities. On the beach, a permanent rescue service is organized on easily visible observation posts. The beach offers 24 hours a day. A lot of cafes, restaurants, bars, pizzerias will satisfy every taste, but of course the pocket. For the everyday needs you will find many grocery stores, plenty of fruit and vegetable stalls or beach accessories. Since drinking the morning coffee, while only the first swimmers will swim in the beach and enjoy the ultimate in some of the lounge and cocktail bars that start in the afternoon master and end somewhere far in the morning, everyone will find their own corner and their own summer experience. As a special curiosity you will notice an electric traction cocoa that is quietly bursting through the unbroken crowd. With a low price you can save yourself a hike from the city center to Cvitačka, Blaca, Ramova, the farthest beaches in the western part of town. By constructing a breakwater, Makarska harbor was also given a new place for swimmers who gravitate to the eastern part of the city. Formerly reserved for the most enthusiastic enthusiasts, the area around the hotel "Osejava" and the disco club "Deep" today becomes an increasingly interesting gathering place. For the bravest ones, and many will tell you Makarani - for true connoisseurs, the area of ​​the peninsula Osejava is the busiest and cleanest bathing place in Makarska. After a couple of kilometers of hiking, you will come to the real gem of the Makarska Riviera - to the beach Nugal. Known as a gathering place for naturists, nudists, general swimmers with slightly more liberal attitudes will enchant you with its almost intimate peace, but also with incredibly pure blue sea. Only accessible to pedestrians or sea-side boats, this beach surrounded by steep cliffs and dense pine forests will remain forever in every memory.


The north approach to the riviera leads through Dubac, where the mountain kicks sharply into the sea. If you come by car, look at the nearby islands and the underwater spring called Vrulja, you will discover only part of this natural spectacle. Only those who dare to go down to the sea on steep and narrow paths or those who have chosen a more reasonable approach to the sea will be introduced to the hidden beaches. Pebble beaches, only a few meters wide, surrounded by high rocks, are made up of gems of silence and a meditative environment.


Throughout the length of Brela there is a promenade that will bring you to its most famous beaches. From Jakiruše in the north, through Stomarica, Šćit and Podrača, you will find many small sandy and pebble beaches covered with pine forests, of course the clear and clear sea. Go beyond the well-known "Kamen Brela", a natural attraction and trademark of Brela, you come to Punto Rat, a beach known by the scholars, like Forbes magazine, among the most beautiful European and the world's beaches. If you find yourself that day many people have discovered this beauty before, you can extend it over the beach of "Maestral" to the beach of Soline. Once known fishing post, today Soline in the shade of its pines gives shelter from the sun to many tourists and hosts. The walk leads you further south to the rocky coast to the beach next to Hotel Berulia. If you've been here for a day, stop and bring your memories to the unforgettable sunset over the island of Brač and the caress of the maestro. Brela's beaches, apart from the exceptional beauty, offer everything you need for a pleasant getaway: a rich selection of water sports (water skiing, parasailing, rent-a-boat, jet ski, ..). Among the pines there are a multitude of restaurants, cafés and bars. With all this, Breljani are still careful, so above the beach there is a flag of "Blue Flag", a sign of sustainable management and management of the sea and coastline.


Along the length of Baska Voda, apart from the coastal part of the center of the place converted into an imposing marina, stretches a large, pebble beach. From Ikovac to the north to the Baska Polje, in the south, under the peaks of centuries-old pine trees, a multitude of tourists find everything they need for a pleasant vacation. Many are unforgettable bathing in the morning, when the smells and colors are the most intense, while others will be more interesting for the day. Still, everyone will agree that the touch of the shore and the sea is the most beautiful at dawn, while evening lights are falling as you sit in one of the many restaurants or cafes, trying to preserve the last images of a unique view of the sea and the islands in the distance.With a multitude of catering facilities on the beach will also find a great offer of beach accessories, showers, changing cabins as well as sanitary nodes. Ramps to the sea speak about special care for people with disabilities. The same Baska Voda, as well as its beaches, are popular among family guests who are often returning to these coasts.


Under the shade of pine trees there is a long white pebble beach, very popular among families with children. With a clean, clear sea and a preserved environment, the beach offers everything you need for a comfortable stay, from restaurants to beach equipment. Since there is no parking, the beach is intended mainly for guests who have decided to vacation in Promajna.


Once a fishing village Bratuš is known as an ideal place for families with children, because the place of traffic is very rare, the noise is inevitably smaller than in other places. The beach is pebble and long only a hundred meters away, but due to limited access to vehicles there is no big crowd, especially in the front and rear. Unlike most coastal towns in Bratuš, there are not many natural shades, and only three restaurants offer shrubs.


With a large sports harbor, the coastal part of Krvavica offers beach-seekers newcomers to the beach, but old visitors still choose beaches along the pine woods of the harbor south of Makarska. Big shadows and bigger stones are not for everyone, but hosts and guests here find the surroundings of lazy turbulence and summer pulsation in famous tourist places. South of Makarska, far from the road, there are also the most famous FKK beaches, favorite naturist gathering places, Ćurilo and Ramova. At the foot of the troubled rocky hill, in the small bays between stone boulders, you will encounter the true lovers of intact nature, who are presenting all their splendor. Many boats are just a proof that this house and hosts are kept for themselves.


The length of almost 4 kilometers of beaches in Tucepi is one of the longest beaches on the Makarska Riviera. A pebble beach that passes through the sandy puddles to the impeccably clean and clear turquoise blue sea. The western part of the beach begins with the small sandy bays that the sea carved on the rocky shore. That part of the Tučepljanci called Kraljev gaj not for no reason. If you arrive early enough, peace and security are guaranteed. On the rocky coast there is a beach at the foot of the former "Jadran" hotel, popular among the local population as well as with guests with children. South of the hotel "Jadran" there is a pebble stretch of space, wide and several tens of meters covered with centuries-old pine trees. These are parts of Tučepi beach known as Slatina, Dračevica, Ratac. On the central part of the coast there is a beautiful tučepska harbor, which, along with the local people, is used by a large number of foreign boaters. To the south of the harbor is a part of a small gravel and a sand called Stone, somewhat narrower, but no less beautiful than the rest. Finally, the final part touching the neighboring municipality of Podgora is known as Dračevac. There are naturists in the shade of pines, as well as all the others whose intact nature has grown into the heart. Apart from the exceptionally clean and clear sea, Tucepi Beach will delight you with its accessibility, even for the warmest summer days and the biggest crowds. The whole length stretches along a beautifully landscaped walkway, almost entirely covered with pine trees. Here you will find everything that is necessary for a good and pleasant vacation. A rich offer of countless catering establishments, shops and kiosks, massages, changing rooms, showers - all this ensures a carefree enjoyment of summer enjoyment, especially for family guests. For those looking for additional deals, you can rent pedal boats and boats at affordable prices, paragliders, jet skis, water slides, etc ...


Podgora Beaches are provided from the already mentioned beach on the far west part called Dračevac, which connects Podgorica with Tučepi, or separates them from some of them. This impressive landscape is complemented by a number of coves carved into the stone shore, the favorite FKK naturist gathering place that hosts call Garma. If you are lucky and manage to find your place under the sun, you will realize that there is a justified reason for decades attracting people from all over the world to this region. The touch of the sea and the sky, the beach and the pine are connected to an intimate theater without a summer boom characteristic of other beaches that are closer to the inhabited places. Asphalted promenade will lead you through the Plišivac and Porat beaches to the center of Podgora. A series of renowned hotels "Podgorka", "Mediteran", "Aurora", lying on the coastal part of Podgora, share a narrow beach area from the local port, and further south to the Uzorita and Sutik beaches. The strip of pebble beaches continues to the village of Čaklje and the beach of the same name. With a rich offer of restaurants, cafes, bars and pizzerias, Podgora will delight you with a very limited amount of traffic, which is recognized by family tourists. Bistro sea, white apple, pine crowns are the framework that will satisfy and most desirable. Offering deck chairs, props at affordable prices as well as showers will make you feel comfortable and relaxed with stress,


The Drašnica settlement is located at the foot of the Biokovo Mountain, and this part of the part that slopes down the slopes closest to the sea. The shores of the coastline have formed poorly accessible oases that reveal their charms to many enthusiasts. The western part begins with the beaches called Vrulja without any reason. There, in front of the small beaches, framed by a steep rocky shore, you can look out over the perfectly clean blue sea. The morning calm of the surface is detrimental to the occasional streams and the flow of water, because this is where the groundwater that is collected somewhere deep inside Biokovo is buried. The loneliness of these beaches has been recognized by naturists, but by anchored boats you know that they are a favorite haven for local people. The middle coastal part of the Drašnice settlement is connected by a walkway, so beaches in this part are a favorite for guests with children. To the south of the local harbor stretches the central beach with the usual beach offer.


The macadam route takes you from the center of the resort to the west and to the lovely secluded beaches. Apart from the Virginian beach, the area further to Drašnica has its beautiful sandy and pebble beaches in its hidden coves. They are often like small caves overcrowded, because the action of the sea on the porous coast here creates imaginative landscapes in constant change. If we walk from the center of the settlement eastwards we pass by the belt of beautiful pebble coast. The players invest a lot of effort to preserve and build this part of the coast that is under constant impact on the sea. Apart from the many restaurants, Igrana beach offers sunbeds and sun loungers too. If you find a parking lot on a large public parking lot, the simplicity and originality of this resort will surely win you.


Continuing to the southern part of Igrana, a series of small secluded beaches stretches out on the narrow belt of a poorly accessible coastline. If you go on an asphalted road linking Igrane and Zivogosce in the summer months, you will notice a great deal of vehicles that those mysterious, carefree places represent a refuge from overburdened beaches. Only a village was provided by the pebble beach of Porat, and to the south of the resort along the hotel complex stretches the Nimfa beach. This beach stretches out on a narrow belt and is covered with large shrubs, a favorite gathering place for hotel guests. If you go along the path from the Nymph beach to the south, you will reach the rocky shores with small beaches, a favorite gathering place for naturist natives. The path leads you to the Roman inscription engraved in the rock, the so-called Licinian epigram, praising the source of fresh water.


The rocky coast that connects Živogošće and Mali Dubu is difficult to reach from the land side, but it is not a problem for real enthusiasts. The homemakers agree to compromise and arrive at the boats on these coasts. Just beside the Mala Duba resort is a beautiful pebble beach. Lack of traffic this place makes it ideal for family vacation with children. This beach is complemented by a slightly accessible rocky shore that goes south to a small bay and one of the most attractive beaches on the Makarska Riviera, Velika Duba bay. A lot of vehicles parked at the Magistral Station are merely proof of the popularity of this location. If you continue along the Adriatic road next to the coast, you will come to Zivogosce Blato. Like most seaside resorts, this is limited by the parking space, and the beautiful beach stretching from the center of the resort to the campground at the southern edge provides a quiet and cozy frame for the hosts and their guests.


Numerous coves lying on the rocky coastline of Blato to Drvenik in its nooks hide small, sheltered oasis for lovers of naturism. Only accessible to those familiar with narrow lanes leading from the main road, these low-priced beaches are separated from the summer pulsation and reserved for seamen seeking peace and pure nature. But the rocky coast goes further south, revealing several coves with beautiful pebble beaches such as Vira and Duba. And so all the way to the village of Drvenik - Donja Vala. There is a beautiful pebble beach practically all around. As in other resorts along the coast, tourist offer is for every pocket and tastes. The next wave, called Gornja Vala, is framing a small settlement, ideal for a quieter summer vacation, especially appreciated by family guests.


From the neighboring Drvenik in the west to the center of Zaostrog, there is a stone shore, accessible by narrow lanes from the Magistrale or as the hosts prefer sea-side boats. For lovers of naturism an ideal environment. However, for the summer months, small beaches such as Lučica can be close to all travelers, most of them going to the safe and choosing the central beach in Zaostrog. With a nearly 2-kilometer long pebbly beach there is a walkway from the center to the south. A multitude of small shops, restaurants, pastry shops, kiosks, offer guests everything they need for a pleasant vacation. The traffic through the site is of low intensity, making this place an advantage for family holidays. At the southernmost part of the settlement is Kapeć, a small narrow pebble beach, a favorite destination of guests from a nearby autocamp.


From Kapeci to the deepest part, stretches the narrow rocky coastline to the pebble beach and the area called Viskovića vala. Only the village is situated on the narrow belt of the rocky shore, giving it an interesting Mediterranean atmosphere. South of the resort stretches along the long narrow strip of coastline connecting Podaca and Brist. Among the small stone shelter that forms the intimate pebble beaches, sunsets are home to their guests and their guests. But above all the color and purity of the sea will have to grow to the heart.


In the western part of the settlement, west of the hotel "Labineca" begins a kilometer long narrow strip of gravel beach and leads to Gradac. The only settlement is located around the small peninsula and further south along the coast. The visura of this settlement is very attractive especially if you come to the Adriatic road from Makarska. The whole length of the settlement is followed by a predominantly narrow strip of gravel beach, more than a kilometer long to the area called Vodice. In addition to many catering facilities, a rich tourist offer, guests can enjoy everything that makes the holiday pleasant. Low traffic in the resort, as well as accommodation right next to the beach, this whole area makes it a favorite for guests arriving on holidays with young children.